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Order says CDF treated Paul Collins 'with generosity'
    The Rome-based Procurator General of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart has distanced his administration from Paul Collins, the Australian priest of the order who has resigned in the wake of an investigation of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).
    In an interview with the combined religious orders' news agency Vidimus Dominum, Fr Angel Gonzalez Garcia defended the treatment of Fr Paul Collins by the CDF, suggesting that he was not condemned but instead let off with a warning.
    He said: "There has been no condemnation but only a warning that his positions were not in conformity with Catholic doctrine... The Congregation treated him with generosity".
    Fr Collins announced his resignation from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart a week ago. He has been under investigation by the CDF since publication of his book Papal Power in 1997. The CDF alleges the book contains a number of errors amounting to heresy, including a denial that the Catholic Church is the church founded by Jesus Christ and incorrect views of papal infallibility.
    Vidimus Dominum says Fr Garcia indicated that Fr Collins has not yet responded to a letter from his Superior General requesting an explanation for his decision to resign.
Vidimus Dominum