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Melbourne nun forgives street attacker who broke her hip
    A Brigidine nun on Wednesday found words of forgiveness for the man who robbed her and broke her hip in a vicious street attack.
    Sr Bridget Arthur, who underwent surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Wednesday evening for injuries suffered in the attack, expressed sympathy for her assailant.
    "It's a sign of desperate people and I feel very sorry that some people have got themselves into such a mess," Sister Arthur said from her hospital bed. "I certainly hope he gets help in some shape or form so that he's not going to be attacking other quite defenceless people."
    The 66-year-old religious from inner-city Albert Park, was sitting in her car listening to the cricket and waiting for a friend to come home in Shiel Street, North Melbourne, when the man struck.
    Police said the man dragged Sister Arthur from her car, threw her to the ground and grabbed her purse, containing a mobile phone and a small amount of cash.
    He then tried to steal her car, but a local resident, who had run outside when he heard screams, frightened off the attacker. Sister Arthur said she had been afraid the attacker was going to run her over. "He just grabbed me and threw me with a great deal of force actually. I thought he was a very strong man," she said.