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Ursuline nun investigated for murder of Congolese president
    Sr Antoinette Fari, for years a prison-pastoral worker in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been taken to the capital Kinshasa for questioning by the Military High Court concerning the assassination of President Laurent Desire Kabila there on 16 January.
    Her summons was reported by the Congo-based Human Rights Federation, which voiced concern for the safety of the Catholic religious.
    Sr Fari, now under house arrest at a religious community centre in Kinshasa, was arrested and detained in December 1999 charged with helping political prisoners and acting as mediator between Congolese captain Masasu in prison at Buluwo and a Lebanese agent, whose name is not known, resident in Kinshasa.
    The nun was eventually released after interventions by Cardinal Etsou Nzabi-Bamungwabi, Archbishop of Kinshasa and several human rights organisations. Later she moved to a convent in Likasi in south-east Congo and a few months afterwards was elected provincial superior of her Order.
    Kinshasa has confirmed that Sr Fari was called for questioning by the commission investigating the assassination of the President, regarding her work in assisting prisoners and that it is not a judiciary matter.
    First reports affirmed that Sr Fari was accused of treason, with is punishable by the death penalty in the Democratic Republic of Congo.