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Catholic activist calls for police restraint over protestors
    A former Brisbane archdiocesan social justice commission chief has called for police restraint when dealing with hundreds of peaceful protesters expected to converge for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) in the city later this year.
    The Catholic Leader reports that Brian O'Halloran, a founder of the Australian Coalition for Economic Justice (ACEJ), is hoping that protesters will not be victimised by police.
    His fears arise from what he claims is the brutal treatment handed out by police to non-violent demonstrators at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Melbourne last September.
    "We supported the demonstrations because we are opposed to the world corporatisationaspect of globalisation, monopoly capitalism, and the World Trade Organisation which grew out of the WEF," Mr O'Halloran said.
    He said it was 'highly probable' members of the ACEJ would campaign at CHOGM in October, and that he would not be surprised if some Catholics showed up.
    "The greatest commandment is to love, if you love your neighbour, you can't accept structural injustice," he said.
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