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Catholic animal welfare group says foot and mouth cull unnecessary
    As the destruction of farm animals continues across the UK - and one zoo put down 18 healthy animals in a bid to curb foot and mouth disease - a Catholic animal welfare group in the UK has branded the cull as 'brutal and unnecessary'.
    Catholic Independent News reports the views of Mervyn Bocking, chair of the Catholic Study Circle For Animal Welfare, who says the only thing fatal about foot and mouth disease is the fact that the animals get shot.
    Mr Bocking said: "The disease is not much worse than a cold. If these poor animals were left for three weeks they would recover completely. They would lose some weight initially but then come back to normal. But it is not animal welfare that the government is concerned about. It is profit.
    "Modern farming methods, and the government's current agricultural policy have much to answer for" he said.
    "Unless the government has a change of heart, cuts back on imports to make it easier for farmers to sell their produce locally, and encourages them to use more humane methods of rearing animals - the industry will die in this country." he said. "It is dying because of greed."
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