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Archbishop says extended Easter shop hours erode 'sacred time'
    Adelaide's Archbishop Leonard Faulkner has expressed concern that new Easter Saturday trading hours in the city will deny the opportunity for family and individual time for prayer and rest, particularly for the many young people in casual employment.
    Archbishop Faulkner said while he was pleased that Good Friday trading restrictions remained largely in force, he was concerned about the impact of the new extended Easter Saturday trading hours.
    He was responding to the State Government's decision to allow retailers across the metropolitan area to trade on Easter Saturday this year for the first time.
    "We need to beware of extending shopping hours, not only because of the intrusion into sacred times but also the intrusion into the lives of people who are called upon to work at these times," Archbishop Faulkner said.
    Archbishop Faulkner said he was pleased that the government had largely retained restrictions on Good Friday trading as this is "the sacred day of the Christian year".
    "It's a day on which people should be given the opportunity for prayer and quiet time to reflect on that great event of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ," Archbishop Faulkner said.