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Bombay Cardinal says persecution is good for the Church
    While lamenting the presence of the 'small group of [Hindu] fundamentalists' attacking Indian Christians, Cardinal Ivan Dias has said that the persecution will ultimately prove 'all for the good of the Church'.
    "The history of the Church teaches that persecutions have always preceded a Church that was flourishing," he said, noting that it happened in Rome almost 2000 years ago and in Korea 200 years ago, where some 10,000 Christians were martyred in the first 100 years of Christianity.
    Highlighting the Pope's call for the evangelisation of Asia, the cardinal observed that while there may be conversions, "The one who changes the heart is God. Conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit."
    Cardinal Dias is widely respected, having served in the Vatican's Secretariat of State and diplomatic corps for more than 30 years before his appointment as Archbishop of Bombay in 1997.