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Animal rights group claims Jesus was a vegetarian
    A vegetarian group is selling Easter cards implying Jesus Christ didn't eat meat.
    The JesusVeg card shows Jesus walking a calf through a field and asks: "What wouldn't Jesus do?"
    Its website also has an image of Jesus with a slice of lemon instead of a halo.
    The group has links with the US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
    Meanwhile Catholic animal rights campaigners have called for a return to "natural" farming methods, as the British countryside grinds to a halt following the outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
    Deborah Jones of the Catholic Study Circle told today's Universe newspaper: "We must value God's creatures. We mess with nature at our peril because it will come back to bite us as it already has with BSE [mad cow disease]-- and now this outbreak of foot and mouth."
    She added, "Animals are not ours, they are God's and we are accountable to God for the way we use them."
    Britain's leading independent Catholic school has pulled its pupils out of sports and other events because of fears of spreading the disease. Ampleforth College, which lies on the edge of moorland in a valley about half an hour's drive from York, has cancelled most events and has also offered to provide its day pupils with free boarding during the outbreak.
    Headmaster Fr Leo Chamberlain told The Daily Telegraph, "We are in the heart of a rural agricultural community here and on the edge of the national park." He continued, "Of course we have children from farming and land-owning families, but you cannot move around this part of Yorkshire without passing through agricultural areas and across roads used by livestock and farm vehicles."