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Diocese speaks up for isolated Kimberley communities facing hunger
    The Coordinator of the Broome Diocesan Office of Justice, Ecology & Peace said yesterday that he is appalled by news that some isolated Kimberley communities are again running out of food.
    "I have had reports that some communities do not have essential items like bread, milk and flour. They have not seen fresh vegetables and fruit for weeks and fuel supplies for generators are running on empty," Br Shane Wood said.
    "It seems to me that there needs to be a rethink by Community Managers and Store Keepers in terms of their priorities. Everybody knows that the Wet makes road transport virtually impossible for some parts of the Kimberley. Most communities look ahead and plan to bring in supplies well before the onset of swollen creeks and rivers makes this impossible. I find it hard to understand why this had apparently not been done in some places for this year.
    "If all this is an accurate picture, it is a clear instance of scarce community resources like the SES being substituted for a lack foresight of good local management by non-Aboriginal administrators. Once again, it means that the isolated Aboriginal people and the dedicated teachers, nurses, Church personnel and other community members who work with them suffer."
    Br Wood concluded by calling on those responsible for the appointment and supervision of community Managers to pay closer attention to what was happening 'on the ground' so that this situation could be avoided in the future.
    Broome Diocese