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Counsellor says women choose abortion for quick exit
    Most women choose abortion over adoption because they can't stand the thought of someone else bringing up their baby, according to the director of Adelaide Archdiocese's Genesis Pregnancy Support Centre, Gay Barnes.
    "It seems selfish, but it's really self preservation and to many women, adoption and abortion are not different," she told The Southern Cross.
    "It's easier to abort a baby than to think about it again as well as knowing that someone else is bringing up their baby. It's a short-sighted view but even considering adoption at that stage is too painful."
    Mrs Barnes said the key was to offer counselling and in depth discussion on the choices available. It was also important to dispel the myth that abortion was a "quick solution" because the emotional distress and "overwhelming sadness" after an abortion continued for years, she said.
    Mrs Barnes said most women regarded an unwanted pregnancy as the end of their dreams and hopes. A major factor in women having abortions was pressure from a partner threatening to end the relationship if they refused an abortion.
    Mrs Barnes has called for greater counselling for women seeking abortions so they can make an informed choice.
    "We're accused of being biased and emotionally blackmailing these women because we desire to tell women the whole story and to humanise the 'product of conception' but I feel not giving women all the information is being biased," she said.
    "Abortion is still their choice and no-one can take their choice away. I have seen many women who have had abortions who are angry with the system because they weren't told the truth."
Southern Cross