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Put morality first, British bishops tell voters
    The Catholic bishops of England and Wales last week urged Catholics to be aware of the "moral chasm" in British politics when they vote in the British general election.
    In a statement, they urged voters to find out what candidates think about issues such as abortion, embryo experimentation and human cloning and asylum before deciding whom to support.
    They said: "We ask you to have this question in mind: 'How can my vote best serve the common good?'"
    The document, titled Vote for the Common Good, was drawn up by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and will be distributed free in parishes before 3 May, the likely date of the election.
    Under the topic of human life, the bishops said: "The first and most basic duty of the democratic state is to protect the lives of all citizens without discrimination, particularly weak and vulnerable people.
    "Since abortion was legalised in 1967, this country has failed in this most fundamental obligation, at a terrible cost to human lives. Most recently a moral chasm has been opened by Parliament's decision to permit the creation and destruction of cloned human embryos. It is possible that in the next Parliament attempts may be made to legalise euthanasia. To do so would be both wrong and dangerous."
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