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UK survey says many young lapsed Catholics believe they will return
    Two-thirds of young people who have stopped going to church, think they will come back, one day, according to new research conducted in the UK.
    Independent Catholic News quotes a dissertation written from a study of three schools by Staffordshire Area Youth Worker David Hannett, which shows that there has been a massive 70% drop in Mass attendance by 15 year-olds over the past 15 years, compared to 30% in the Church overall.
    However, he pointed out that many young people are joining in youth activities organised by the Church, even when only a small number of these are going to Mass.
    "This offers a huge challenge to Catholic youth workers in terms of the level of evangelisation that they undertake" David says.
    Writing in Birmingham Catholic Youth Service's paper, The Pulse, Hannett said that 49% of the young people he sampled considered themselves to be churchgoers. On closer inspection it turned out that only 22% attended weekly, 11 per monthly and 30% once a year. This was positive news, he said, because at least 49% felt the 'belonged' to a parish. But he added, the most encouraging result of all in his research was that 66% who are not going to church at all, believed they would come back when they were older.