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Queensland bishop opposes Toowoomba brothel
    Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba has publicly spoken out against an application before the city council for permission to open a brothel.
    The Catholic Leader reports the brothel would be opened in a suburban area under Queensland Government legislation enacted last year which allows brothels in certain areas and with conditions.
    But Cr Peter Wood, who chairs council's planning committee, said the application would be rejected for a number of reasons. He said he could not say what might happen in relation to another application for a brothel, lodged on 16 March.
    On 10 March, the city's combined Churches issued a joint statement in which they said they believed Toowoomba was a unique community and that Premier Peter Beattie should allow it to regulate brothels without being limited by state law.
    On 17 March, as the row escalated, Bishop Morris made an independent statement in Toowoomba's daily newspaper, The Chronicle.
    Opening a legalised brothel in the city was a "deceptively complex issue", he said.
    "While we as a Christian Church may have strong beliefs and convictions around the different elements of the prostitution issue, we cannot expect that our values will be the sole determinant of government policy and practice, nor the sole guide to community behaviour."
    But Bishop Morris said the Church also had every right to offer its view, which included recognition of and active support for government to enact legislation which it judges to be in the community's best interest.
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