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Jesuit General praises castigated theologian
    Following the Notification received from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Fr Jacques Dupuis, his Jesuit Superior-General Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach has described him as a 'pioneer of interreligious dialogue'.
    Fr Depuis was silenced by the Vatican following publication of his 1997 book Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism.
    Fr Kolvenbach said that "the seriousness of his theological research, the breath of his scientific documentation the novelty of his exploration" are unanimously acknowledged and the volume which is the subject of interest by the Congregation "strikes out into terrain which is dogmatically crucial for the future of interreligious dialogue.
    The text of the Vatican document which Depuis conceded that his book contained 'ambiguities' that may lead to error. He agreed to the modified wording at a meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger, accompanied by Fr Kolvenbach and his counsellor, Australian Jesuit theologian Fr Gerald O'Collins.
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