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Perth Archbishop urges Christians to become politically involved
    Ahead of the Western Australian State Election, Archbishop Barry Hickey has called on Christians to enter the political process in greater numbers for the sake of the country.
    "The role of committed Christians," he said, "is to make the world a better place and to create a society that respects God's laws. Only so will true social equality and proper moral standards be achieved."
    In a statement released this week, he regretted that too many Christians practise their faith in a purely personal manner.
    "They need to understand that they are also called to be witnesses in the world to what they believe," he said.
    He emphasised the values of human dignity and family life as needing to find more expression in the political process.
    "We have already seen the almost complete erosion of any legal protection for unborn life in our State, and we know that the push is on to legalise euthanasia and to legitimacy to homosexual unions as if they were marriages," he said. "These anti-life and anti-family policies could go through if they are not resisted by people of strong convictions that come from their faith.
    Archbishop Hickey also called on Christians to vote according to their values.
    "As the State Election is close, I urge people to remember the importance of their vote, and to consider carefully how they vote, keeping in mind what is at stake -- a just, fair society with laws that are consistent with those of the Supreme Lawgiver."
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