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Jesus and Mary put fear of God into litterbugs
    Images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary have been painted on walls in Peru to stop locals dumping rubbish and urinating in public.
    The local council in Lima had the murals done on some of the the capital's filthiest streets to sway the locals in the deepy Catholic nation.
    It is hoped the paintings will discourage men from standing against walls in public to relieve themselves.
    "It's one thing to break municipal law. It's another to lack respect for God," the country's leading Ojo newspaper says.
    Lima's seven million inhabitants are renowned for treating the city's streets as an open garbage dump. Municipal officials say pilot projects in Lima's dirty colonial centre were a huge 'miraculous' success.
    God-fearing Peruvians became wary of tossing aside any rotten food or broken bottles under the angelic gaze of a Virgin Mary.