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Philippine Church welcomes new president
    "This time, it isn't a victory against dictatorship but against immorality, corruption and avarice," exclaimed the Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Jaime Sin.
    He was responding to the swearing in of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, after President Joseph Estrada was ousted by the nation's Supreme Court.
    Macapagal-Arroyo was backed by the sector that led that peaceful, and markedly Catholic revolution of 1986, but also by the greater part of the country's democratic forces. She appeared dressed in yellow before the masses, the color of the "People's Power," on the eve of her taking office.
    She studied in the Catholic school of the Assumption. She later graduated magna cum laude in business from the university of the same name. She did two years of graduate studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC, where she was a classmate of future US President Clinton. Later she received a doctorate in economics from the University of the Philippines.
    Fr Alessandro Vavassori, a longtime missionary in the Philippines, told Zenit: "Cardinal Sin appealed to the people to mobilise, and the people responded to his call in defense of truth. Catholic schools suspended classes to allow teachers and students to participate in the protests."