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Christian protestors released from jail
    A Catholic priest, two lay persons, and a Muslim were released from Malir jail in Karachi last Tuesday.
    Fr Arnold Heridia, parish priest of St Francis Parish, Karachi, was arrested along with other two other Christians and 14 Muslims on 10 January, during protest march against blasphemy law in Karachi.
    When bail was paid to release those detained, a police officer said all the charges against the four had been dropped.
    "We are not sure of the exact story as to why the authorities dropped the charges" Atfab Mughal, secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission of Multan diocese told Fides. "We think it was due to pressure from the people."
    Fr Heridia is reported to be in a good state of health, except for a slight foot injury for which he need medical treament.