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Archbishop declines to back Northern Ireland police reforms
    The Catholic Primate of All Ireland has said he is unable to give his full support to the proposed new police service in Northern Ireland.
    Dr Brady said concerns remained about a number of issues including the new emblems and symbols of the service, and the power of the new police board.
    His comments come against a backdrop of political unrest over policing reforms, which will see the Royal Ulster Constabulary replaced by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
    "People are saying, that because of this difficult history in the past, they are suspicious, there's great distrust. They want to be sure that it is right," he said in a BBC interview on Friday.
    He said he was also concerned about the "transparency" of past events such as the cases of Catholics Robert Hamill and Pat Finucane. He said he hoped these matters could be resolved but said it was better to resolve them fully rather than quickly.