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No media coverage allowed on Congo Catholic peace project
    The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has sabotaged the media coverage of a peace project, sponsored by the archdiocese of Kinshasa.
    According to the Journalists in Danger Association (JED) of Kinshasa, Congo's Communications Minister, Dominique Sakombi Inongo, threatened to close down any media organisation covering the official presentation of the "Cry from Congo" project initiated by Cardinal Frederic Etsou.
    JED noted that this presentation had been scheduled to take place on last Wednesday at the Grand Hotel in Kinshasa. However, following the minister's warning, the hotel closed it doors, allegedly due to a lack of electrical power. As a result, the Catholic Church presented the peace project at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Kinshasa without media coverage.
    For the past two years, media organisations in Democratic Congo have been submitted to rigid censorship. Only programs, which are pro-government, are tolerated.