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Archbishop says hedonism is the enemy of good community
    Adelaide's Archbishop Leonard Faulkner has said hedonism is a 'real problem facing Australia' that undermines community values.
    "I believe hedonism promotes selfishness, and no community founded on selfishness can be a good community," he said. "We need people with altruistic values, especially to the weaker people in our community - the poor, and those who have got no voice."
    Hedonism and its impact on society will be one of the themes raised by South Australia's churches, which will use the Centenary of Federation to question where the country and its people are headed.
    The SA Heads of Christian Churches met on Wednesday to unveil a program of seven events scheduled throughout the year, in which the significance of sport, art, spirituality, national vision and other areas will be debated.
    "It's our concern that, in the midst of all these celebrations, there be a serious reflection upon crucial factors of Australian life," said Anglican Archbishop Ian George.