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Bioethicists lament frozen generation
    Two Australian Catholic bioethicists have called for a halt to the storing of thousands of frozen human embryos worldwide that are waiting for someone to decide their fate.
    Ray Campbell of Brisbane Archdiocese's Queensland Bioethics Centre told The Catholic Leader that the 'adoption' of abandoned embryos in Victoria highlights the 'commodification' of the human person which has accompanied IVF.
    In Victoria, 25 children have been born from adopted empryos - the oldest of them is now seven - and another 160 couples are waiting to adopt embryos.
    Mr Campbell said some Catholic bioethicists argue that is is permissible for couples to 'save' excess embryos as an act of charity, but not for the purpose of satisfying their own desires.
    He said: "They would be treating the child as a commodity. It would be a response to a situation which should not be allowed in the first place."
    Meanwhile, Melbourne Archdiocesan Episcopal Vicar for Health Care, Fr Anthony Fisher OP said: "They are members of the human family, not tissue banks. These are our tiniest and most vulnerable brothers and sisters, not 'resources'."
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