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Archbishops join plea for end to Iraq Sanctions
    Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President and Canberra-Goulburn Archbishop Francis Carroll, and Adelaide Archbishop Leonard Faulkner, have joined other prominent Australians in signing a letter to the Prime Minister urging a rethink of Australia's support for economic sanctions against Iraq.
    The present UN Security Council sanctions were imposed ten years ago in an effort to force Iraq to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction and its ability to produce such weapons. The letter to the Australian Prime Minister contends that the human cost of maintaining the sanctions is not worth it, and indeed the sanctions are not working.
    The letter argues: "The sanctions continue to bring misery and degradation to all sectors of Iraq society except their target, the Iraq government."
    Appealing to Prime Minister Howard's pride in the values of justice and a fair go, it concluded in urging him to "review Australia's policy towards Iraq so that it properly reflects our common aspirations for peace with justice for all people".
    The other signatories named in yesterday's Australian newspaper were: former PM Malcolm Fraser, former chief Family Court judge Elizabeth Evatt, former health minister Doug Everingham, Conservation Foundation President Peter Garrett, Chair National Consultative Committee on Peace and Disarmament Prof. Ian Maddocks, Patron Medical Association for Prevention of War Sir William Refshauge, and former human rights commissioner Christ Sidoti.
    ABC/The Australian