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Jesuit journal says brothels better than the street
    While describing prostitution as 'degrading and contrary to the dignity of the person', the Italian journal CiviltÓ Cattolica has said the state should admit that prostitution is impossible to eradicate and move it to 'places more protected than the street'.
    The Tablet reports that the journal's stance has triggered a debate in Italy after calling for state-run brothels as a lesser evil.
    CiviltÓ Cattolica noted that prostitution has undergone a change for the worse over the past 40 years. It said the trade is now dominated by immigrant women in 'totally degrading conditions'which approach 'ownright slavery' The average age of Albanian prostitutes is 14 or 15.
    Greater state control would enable regular medical check-ups, a crackdown on criminal rings controlling prostitution, and 'measures in favour of those who want to leave that world', the journal said.