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Support for Government accreditation of Queensland Catholic schools
    The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) has welcomed soon-to-be-enacted accreditation laws for non-state schools as "a win for the community, for the Government, and for our schools".
    The Catholic Leader reports that under the legislation, which QCEC Executive Director Alan Druery expects will go through State Parliament early this year, Queensland's non-state schools will have to meet standards in tuition and facilities.
    The legislation is based on the work of a Griffith University review panel that included three Catholic and three independent school representatives.
    Mr Druery commended the Government, saying the legislation, approved by Cabinet late last year, ended seven years of consultation.
    "The new arrangements represent a redefinition and clear articulation of our relationship with the State Government," he said. "For the first time in Queensland's history, the Education Minister will be alble to affirm that all Queensland children are being educated to acceptable sstandards."
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