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Heritage building costs Catholic nursing home full accreditation
    Catholic Health Australia's aged care services director, Richard Gray, believes the Federal Government could have given full accreditation to a Catholic nursing home in Ballarat which was allowed six months to meet Government standards.
    Nazareth House nursing home was allowed six months to satisfy fire and safety concerns. Failure to do so would mean loss of Government funding.
    20 nursing homes around the country were given time to meet accredition standards.
    Nazareth House, a 45-bed nursing home and 90 bed hostel, is conducted by the Sisters of Nazareth, who on 3 January issued a statement pointing out that the hostel section had been accredited for the maximum three years. But the nursing home section was granted accreditation for six months only, under the exceptional circumstances provisions of the Aged Care Act.
    Mr Gray said that the home had achieved satisfactory ratings against all 44 accreditation criteria, but full accreditation was withheld because of the quality of the home's building and its heritage listing.
    "These buildings have to be maintained because the community demands it. But the Church gets no funding for this," he said.
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