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Virgin Mary statue cries tears of oil
    Hundreds of pilgrims have flocked to a church in Beirut after a statue of the Virgin Mary cried tears of oil.
    While some are convinced the statue's tears are a sign from God, a local priest says it is too early to declare the phenomenon a miracle.
    Mark Bhamdouni, who built the shrine at the Mar Michael Church in Karantina a year ago, claims the Virgin Mary began weeping a week ago.
    He noticed on Christmas Day that the glass surrounding the statue had been broken, Lebanon's The Daily Star reports. But he said to the statue: "Don't be upset. You won't get cold. I'll fix the glass right away."
    He had the glass repaired two days later, but it started steaming up and the Virgin began to weep.
    Pierre Rahi, who joined others at the shrine, said: "This is indescribable. It gives me a feeling of true faith. My whole body is shuddering. I doubt I'll be able to work now."