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Surgeon denies confirmation that Pope has Parkinson's
    The surgeon who operated on Pope John Paul in 1994 denied on Thursday that he had said the 80-year-old pontiff was suffering from Parkinson's disease.
    Italian orthopedic surgeon Gianfranco Fineschi, 77, said he was misquoted by weekly magazine Oggi in an interview.
    Oggi quoted him as saying that the trembling in the Pope's hand was due to Parkinson's and that the medicines he was taking for the disease were affecting his facial muscles and his walk.
    "I feel a little betrayed," he later told the Italian news agency ANSA. "I never said the Pope had Parkinson's disease, and I don't know whether he does. I am an orthopedic specialist -- (Parkinson's) is not my area of competence."
    The Vatican has never officially acknowledged the Pope has Parkinson's and no member of his medical team had before openly linked the Pope with the disease.