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Congolese bishop jailed for allegedly inciting people
    A bishop in Congo has been jailed, apparently because the Congolese military believes he has been using his homilies to incite people against the government.
    Auxiliary Bishop Cyprien Mbuka of Boma, 57, was jailed on 28 December at the Kitambo-Kinshasa prison, Vatican Radio reported on Tuesday. According to MISNA, a Rome-based missionary news agency, the bishop still had not been formally charged five days after his incarceration.
    The prison where the bishop is being held is run by the Congo military's department for the investigation of unpatriotic activities, MISNA said.
    "The accusations against him include inciting the population through his homilies" and through his use of a radio and satellite telephone, which have been confiscated by the security services although the bishop had a license for them, the agency said.