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Man arrested following alleged attack on New York archbishop
    A man accused of trying to handcuff Roman Catholic Archbishop Edward Egan during a service at St. Patrick's Cathedral explained that he wanted to arrest Egan to publicise his view that Jesus never existed.
    38 year old Timothy Byrne, whose family says he suffers from mental illness, was being held by police, who have secured an order for him to undergo a psychiatric examination.
    The unemployed architect was arrested on Monday morning as he tried to grab Egan and snap a handcuff on his wrist while the archbishop was administering Communion.
    Church ushers wrestled Byrne to the ground, and the archbishop was unhurt.
    Byrne submitted a written statement to Manhattan Criminal Court saying he has tried to file several lawsuits against Christianity, arguing that Jesus never existed, and all of them have been thrown out of court by 'Christian judges'.
    "It is obvious that this case has to become public or judges will keep illegally throwing it out of court," Byrne wrote, "so I decided to arrest the archbishop, one of the defendants, for his criminal activities of fraud and racketeering."