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Peaceful revolution hailed by Pontifical aide
    A peaceful revolution is possible, the secretary of the Pontifical Missionary Works in the Philippines, Aissa P. Bautista, said in a message distributed by the Vatican missionary agency Fides.
    Bautista's statement was made following the success of Manila's People Power prayer movement, which ended with the rapid exit from the country of President Joseph Estrada, and the coming to power of Catholic President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the Edsa shrine.
    Aissa Bautista stressed that all Christian denominations took part in the prayer march, an encouraging witness during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which ends today.
    She said: "On times like these, I am proud to say that religion is the main factor in our success. Moreover, in the protest held in Edsa, all the other denominations joined us. There is unity in diversity."
    Describing the peaceful resolution as a 'blessing in disguise', she said: "The spirit of Edsa is still in our hearts. There is really divine intervention for all what is happening, as Cardinal Sin has affirmed."
    Meanwhile, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato urged the new government to focus on a number of urgent social issues in the country. In a statement shortly after Arroyo took her oath on Saturday, Archbishop Quevedo warned the new president against a misguided globalisation policy, cronyism, fraud and corruption, lack of social sensitivity to the poor, and subordination of the common good to established interests. He also asked the new president to address the problems of Filipino Muslims who live mostly in the southern region of Mindanao.