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Vatican concerned about Indonesian violence
    The Congregation for Evangelisation has issued a statement of 'profound concern' about the attacks on Christians in Indonesia during the Christmas season.
    The Congregatin's Fides news service, reported the message sent to Cardinal Julius Darmaatmadja of Jakarta. In it, the Congregation encouraged all efforts to "restore harmony among the different believers, through dialogue and reconciliation."
    Christmas-day bombings left 12 people dead in Indonesia, and dozens more wounded, in the latest episodes of violence against Christians. The nation has seen repeated waves of such violence in recent months, as Muslim zealots have inaugurated a "jihad" campaign against Christians.
    Bishop Marcello Zago, secretary of the Congregation for Evangelisation, wrote: "In these difficult moments, we are close tot he families who have lost one of their loved ones in these incidents, and we pray that the birth of Christ will bring peace and consolation in their sorrow."