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Milan church bombers foiled
    Italian police defused a powerful time bomb found on the roof of Milan's landmark Duomo cathedral hours before it was set to explode, officials said on Monday.
    The bomb was discovered by a worker near a gargoyle on the rooftop terrace of the 13th century building - a spot frequented by hundreds of tourists each day.
    There was no immediate claim of responsibility.
    Anti-terror investigators have taken over the case, and two Milan magistrates said the planned bombing may have been linked to next spring's elections.
    Milan's Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini called the incident "a grave and irresponsible act."
    "It . . . offends all those who search for peace and love the city," he said.
    Those bombings, believed to have been carried out by the Mafia, which several years ago damaged the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and a Rome cathedral.
NY Post