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Pope appoints stand-in archbishop for Wales
    The Vatican has removed the Archbishop of Cardiff, John Aloysius Ward, from the day-to-day running of his Archdiocese.
    In a surprise move, it has been announced that the Bishop of Wrexham Edwin Regan is appointed as an Apostolic Administrator to run the Archdiocese.
    He will replace John Ward, who is recovering from deep vein thrombosis.
    The archbishop had been under increasing pressure to step down over his handling of the cases of two paedophile priests from his diocese, who have been jailed.
    One source told the BBC that the appointment of Bishop Regan was a highly unusual move, usually restricted to a diocese where the sitting Bishop had died.
    Fresh calls for the leader of the Catholic Church in Wales to go followed a BBC documentary, which uncovered evidence that Archbishop Ward ignored serious warnings about paedophiles working in his diocese.
    It was revealed the archbishop had ignored serious warnings about Father John Lloyd - jailed in 1998 - and father Joe Jordan.
    A spokesman for the Catholic Media Office said: "The position will be a temporary appointment to provide episcopal governance for the diocese while the current Archbishop, the Most Rev John Aloysius Ward, is convalescing.
    Bishop Regan told the BBC: "It gives the church in south Wales a chance to come to terms with what has happened.. be a bridge."