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Church worker says refugee kids are 'like Jesus'
    A Brisbane refugee worker has likened the birth of refugee babies in detention centres to the birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.
    The Catholic Leader reports that Archdiocesan Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care (CMPC) director Jose Zepeda has spoken out against the 'jailing' of innocent people at the Curtin Detention Centre in Western Australia and Woomera Detention Centre in South Australia after a group of more than 40 refugees arrived in Brisbane on 8 December.
    The refugees were welcomed at the CMPC-run centre. Mr Zepeda said group included 12 children.
    "There was also a baby, younger than six months," he said. "That baby was born in a jail so it reall is an Australian baby."
    Mr Zepeda said it was a similar situation to the one experienced by the baby Jesus and Mary.
    "They were both exiles and he was born in similar circumstances to those little babies," he said. "Jesus was a refugee and he was persecuted."
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