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Istanbul street named after Pope John XXIII
    The municipal Council of Sisli, in Istanbul (Turkey) has decided to name a street in honour of Pope John XXIII, expressing the country's recognition for the affection that Pope Roncalli manifested to Turkish people during his time working as Apostolic Nuncio in the country, from 1935 to 1945.
    The new street was inaugurated with a series of ceremonies that took place earlier this month in which many civil and religious authorities participated.
    Pope John Paul II, through a message from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, State Secretary, also made present his recognition to his predecessor. He emphasised 'the tireless defence of the cause peace' of Pope Roncalli, remarking as well his efforts to 'heal, discreetly but effectively, the evil of war, the sadness of the exiles and the injustices of the persecution'.
    "In Turkey he left many friends and the memory of a man of peace and of fraternity," he wrote.
    Cardinal Paul Poupard, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, was also present at the ceremony of the inauguration of the street in honor of Pope John XXIII, and highlighted Pope Roncalli's work as a representative of the Holy See, first in Bulgaria and then in Turkey.