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US State Dept fails to deliver report on murdered missionary
    The US State Department has failed to give Congress a requested report on the August death of Fr John Kaiser in Kenya.
    In October, Congress passed a resolution calling on the State Department to issue a report by last Friday on the death of the Fr Kaiser, a human rights crusader and US national. Kaiser, 67, was found dead along a busy highway on 24 August, with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.
    The State Department issued an 'interim report' on Monday, essentially saying it needed more time to complete the report.
    "This news is unacceptable and I am deeply disappointed in their failure to complete their investigation," Democrat Senator Paul Wellstone said in a statement.
    A State Department spokesman, Philip Reeker, said the department is waiting for the FBI to complete its investigation before it sends over a report to Congress. He said he didn't know when that would be.
    Meanwhile the chairman of the Kenyan bishops conference rejected suggestions that US missionary Fr Kaiser killed himself, a theory being advanced by Kenyan investigators and the US FBI.
    Speaking to the media off the record, some officials pointed to erratic behavior in the days and hours before his death as being consistent with someone who was suicidal.
    But Bishop John Njue, chairman of the bishops' conference, said: "The theory of suicide is too cheap for anyone to buy and we cannot accept it."