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Vatican worried about Philippine Church's support for President's impeachment
    The Vatican has expressed concern over the participation of the Catholic Church in the Philippines in moves to oust President Estrada, the Philippine Embassy in the Vatican reported to the country's Department of Foreign Affairs.
    Ambassador Henrietta de Villa said that the Vatican "is very concerned with the local church's active involvement with the move to oust the President". De Villa met last week with Msgr. Luis Montemayor, head of the Asian Desk of the Vatican's Secretariat of State, who conveyed this sentiment of the Vatican.
    "It is dangerous for the church to be party to destabilisation moves, especially since there is no guarantee that events would not develop to violence," said a report from the Vatican.
    "The Vatican believes that respect should be accorded to the Constitution and to the legal processes as well as to the Office of the President since these are the symbols of a democratic system that can not simply be discarded or tampered with regardless of who holds that office as long as he was elected freely and fairly by the people," the report pointed out.
    In the wake of the national crisis on morality, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines has called for individual and social change and renewal.
    "An examination of conscience by everybody is imperative on how we, individually and as a nation, may have contributed to this national crisis of morality," said Archbishop Orlando Quevedo.
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