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Pope tells entertainers to be positive models
    Well-known and not-so-well-known stars of the entertainment world gathered on Sunday around onetime actor Pope John Paul II, to conclude their special Jubilee.
    The Holy Father presided over a Mass in St Peter's Square before some of the most prominent names in Italian showbusiness.
    Addressing the participants directly, John Paul II said: "Many of you work to entertain the public in the creation and production of shows, which hope to give the opportunity for healthy relaxation and leisure. However, if Christian joy is placed in the proper sense on a more directly spiritual plane, it also embraces healthy recreation that does the body and spirit good.
    "Therefore, society must be grateful to those who produce and transmit intelligent and relaxing programs, which are amusing but not alienating, humorous but not vulgar. To spread real joy can be a form of genuine social charity."
    The Holy Father went on to emphasise that the Church has a specific message for entertainers. "Always keep in mind the recipients of your work, their rights and legitimate expectations, so much the more so when it concerns individuals in formation. Do not allow yourselves to be conditioned by mere financial or ideological interests."