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Pope comments on virtue of human work
    At his regular Wednesday public audience, Pope John Paul II emphasised the importance of efforts to 'develop welfare, knowledge, and victory over misery and every form of humiliation of human dignity-- in economic, business, and social life'.
    Catholic World News reports that the Holy Father said that such material efforts 'correspond to God's design', in that God has charged mankind to 'subdue the earth'. He paid tribute to the 'extraordinary accomplishments of science and technology' in improving everyday life.
    "We must continue the great adventure of humanity in the realm of science and technology, searching out the secrets of nature," he said.
    However, the Pope cautioned against the 'tyranny over nature and society' which can arise from an excessive and unbalanced reliance on technology. The Church, he pointed out, emphasises 'the priority of ethics over technology, the primacy of persons over things, the superiority of the spirit over matter'.
    By keeping things in this proper perspective, he concluded, mankind can 'give a soul to political, cultural, economic, and technological structures.'