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Caritas Australia raises record $5 million for world's developing communities
    For the first time, Caritas Australia, the Catholic agency for overseas aid and development, has raised over five million dollars for disadvantaged communities around the globe through its annual appeal Project Compassion.
    Mr Jack de Groot, Caritas Australia's National Director said, "This year's Project Compassion appeal has been a huge success and I would like to thank the Australian people for their outstanding support. This support is complemented by the community's ongoing commitment to the work of Caritas.
    "Thousands of Australians, through a range of creative fund-raising and awareness-raising activities this year, have helped to build a better future for some of the poorest communities in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.
    "Project Compassion is giving people improved crops, a regular income and better health services. It is giving people a chance to improve their own world and to control their own futures.
    Organised through Catholic parishes and schools for the past 36 years, Project Compassion is Australia's second largest aid and development appeal. Held during the lead up to Easter, the campaign allows individuals and communities to observe Lent in a practical way.
    "It's about turning faith into action," said Mr de Groot.
    "While the appeal provides an opportunity for Australians to give financial support to development, relief and education programs throughout the world, it also continues to play a significant role in providing public awareness of global human development issues.