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French religious head predicts 'certain death' for congregations
    "We can speak of the certain death of religious families that rose in the 19th century for educational, charitable and health purposes," according to Fr Gerard Lachivert, Secretary-General of the Conference of Religious Major Superiors of France.
    He was speaking at last week's meeting of major superiors of French men's and women's religious orders and congregations.
    But the real news, Fr Lachivert insisted, is the birth of 'new communities' and movements that have come into existence over the past 30 years. "They are giving proof of a vigor that challenges all religious congregations," he said.
    In France, communities such as Emmanuel, the Beatitudes, New Way ("Chemin Neuf"), Bread of Life ("Pain de Vie") and others have arisen, many resulting from the Charismatic Renewal. The new groups have become the principal seedbeds of vocations to the priesthood in France.