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Scottish cardinal condemns British legislators' 'grubby little secret'
    The leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland has urged MPs to act on the repeal of the Act of Settlement.
    Cardinal Thomas Winning said the act, which prohibits Catholics from ascending to the throne or marrying the heirs to the crown, "shames our nation".
    And he echoed former Tory Scottish Secretary Lord Forsyth by describing the legislation as a 'grubby little secret'.
    Cardinal Winning was writing in the Sunday Herald after the Guardian newspaper called for the act to be abolished on the grounds it breaks the European Convention of Human Rights.
    There has been widespread support in Scotland for the banning of the 1701 act, which also bars adopted children and people born to unmarried parents from becoming or marrying the monarch.
    Cardinal Thomas Winning said the act needed to be tackled "sooner rather than later".
    He wrote: "It seems to me that in politics, as in life, where there's a will there's a way. One need only recall the bruising debates over Clause Four, over hereditary peers' voting rights and - dare I say it - over section 28, to recognise this."