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WA politician urges Catholics to take more sophisticated pro-life stance
    Independent WA politician Phillip Pendal has called on Catholics to take a more sophisticated approach to pro-life issues in order to make the pro-life position more persuasive in the commuity at large.
    Mr Pendal was speaking on Saturday before an audience of Knights of the Southern Cross, during a breakfast to award him the KSC Award for Life, and to farewell retiring Perth Auxiliary Bishop Robert Healy.
    He said the pro-life argument will not prevail if its proponents try to 'bludgeon others into submission'.
    Mr Pendal told the media afterwards: "We have to argue our case coherently and with firmness and courage but always respecting that other people have legitimate points of view that do need to be answered in a way that does not get people's backs up. These debates are not an opportunity to prove how righteous we are. They are an opportunity to demonstrate that once you take the notion of God, and his dominion over life and death questions, out of a community's thinking the end result is that eventually the strong in society trample the weak."
    The National Award for Life presentation has only been made by the Knights of the Southern Cross on two previous occasions. In 1993 it was awarded to another West Australian politician, former Labor Health Minister, Keith Wilson. In 1997, it was awarded to Federal parliamentarian, Kevin Andrews, for his leadership in the euthanasia debate.
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