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NATSICC supports Document for Reconciliation
    Chairperson of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council, Ms Vicki Walker, has congratulated the Council for Reconciliation on the Document for Reconciliation, the culmination of its work for the past decade which was tabled yesterday in Federal Parliament.
    Ms Walker sees the main thrust of the document as its strong emphasis on the need for a treaty, which the Howard Government has so far resisted. In a statement issued yesterday by NATSICC, she expressed the hope that the Document "would be enshrined in legislation to assress the social and economic disadvantage of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and enable the cultural and spiritual aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' lives to be celebrated without prejudice".
    She also said that NATSICC hopes the leaders of Australia's Catholic Church will 'stand at the forefront' in support of the Document, and take an active part in moves towards the agreements or treaties it calls for.
    Another of the Documents six recommendations iinvolves putting into practice the 'Roadmap of Reconciliation'. Ms Walker felt this was of crucial importance to the Catholic Church, in that it recommends the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their cultures in all official events and to avtively promote symbols of reconciliation.
    The Document is available online at