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Philippines Bishops Call For Estrada To Resign
    The Catholic Bishops of the Philippines have supported moves by the country's Senate to reject a motion requesting dismissal of impeachment charges accusing him of corruption.
    Catholic World News reports that the trial will open tomorrow.
    In a statement issued last week, Bishops' Conference President, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, said: "There is a common position of the bishops concerning the request for President Estrada's resignation. For the sake of the common good, the president should step down."
    The statement came amid reports that the bishops were divided in their stand towards the president. With one voice, they opted for all peaceful and legal means open to the people, including resignation. "However, if he does not voluntarily resign what then?" Archbishop Quevedo asked, listing three options - forced resignation, impeachment and a combination of the two.
    Archbishop Quevedo said: "The Church and state must work together for the common good. The president has failed to do this. The Church therefore is calling on the rest of the government to act according to their conscience and for the sake of the common good."