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Korean Catholic church apologies for past sins 
    The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea issued the declaration of contrition which includes apologies for not being more proactive in opposing the Japanese occupating during World War II, and the present-day tendency of some priests to embrace 'rampant materialism'
    The bishops published a document titled 'Reform and Reconciliation', which asks all churches throughout the country to hold a mass to repent past and present sins committed by the Korean Church.
    "We confess that the Church in Korea failed to fully carry out our mission as His disciples, and we beg the pardon of those who have suffered because of our sins," says the declaration adopted last Saturday in time with the first week of the Advent.
    The document goes on to specify the 'self-serving' attitude of the Church which shut its eyes to the needs of the Korean people when they were struggling to survive Japan's 'predatory advance and occupation' until 1945. It also mentions the Church's 'insufficient' modern-day role as a guardian of social morals, human rights and dignity as well as economic justice in times of social conflicts, corruption, political upheavals and economic opportunism.
Korea Herald