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Vatican official says tourism must respect humanity and the environment
    Holy See permanent observer to the World Tourism Organisation, Msgr. Pietro Monni, told the organisation's planning committee in Madrid on Monday that profit should not be the overriding determining factor in the development of tourism.
    He said: "Tourism is firmly established as one of the principal economic resources at the disposal of governments, and as one of the most effective methods for favoring mutual knowledge between peoples. This process involves economic interests as well as the differing traditions and important cultures that have marked the history of peoples in a world that we now define as globalised."
    Consequently, continued Msgr. Monni, international organisations must promote 'effective tourism development policies'.
    "It is not enough to recall that the logic of profit must never prevail, but elements must be developed that favor a lasting and sustainable tourism, one that is respectful of man and of the environment," he concluded.