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Vatican congress says rich nations should examine their conscience
    Industrialised and rich nations should do a serious examination of conscience that will bring about more social and economic balance in the world, according to an international conference recently concluded at the Vatican.
    The congress, organised by by the Pontifical Council for the Family and titled Globalization, Economy and Family, attracted 200 journalists, politicians, professors and intellectuals from Europe and the Americas, who advocated for a new interpretation of globalisation 'essentially oriented to solidarity'.
    Pope John Paul II sent a message to the congress, proposing the creation of a new worldwide social pact that would guarantee greater cooperation at all levels and not exclude the poor countries, as happens now.
    "It is not enough to be limited to measures that redistribute produced wealth," the Pope explained, "rather it is necessary that in the production of goods itself there be room for greater solidarity." He also emphasized the urgency to reaffirm the primacy of politics in the original and highest sense of the term.
    In his address, Joaquin Lavin, a former Chilean presidential candidate, said, "The family must be placed at the centre of a government leader's concerns. Families must organise themselves, be dynamically present, and maintain a permanent dialogue with politicians and those elected by the people.