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NZ CEO worried about 'immoral' health care in Catholic schools
    New Zealand's Catholic Education Office has directed schools to monitor the provision of health services in schools to ensure students are not provided with care inconsistent with Catholic moral teaching.
    A letter from the Office's Board of Directors suggested that sexuality services will 'undoubtedly' be offered by the particular health providers contracted by the health funding authority. The guidelines in a 'policy template' sent to the schools say the provision of, organisation of, or referral for termination of pregnancy, and the provision of contraceptives, will not be offered.
    CEO Chief Executive Br Pat Lynch said that until now the Family Planning Association had been just about the only provider of a range of such health services. "We are saying, 'Look, as far as schools are concerned...we believe there should be some competition in this and there should be different ways in which health care can be delivered to young people'."
    Parents or caregivers will have the right to exclude their children. Boards of trustees will select and approve health care providers, and will be able to end appointments if they are dissatisfied with the service.
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